Introduction to Evovest

In this introductory post, we expose the broad lines of our identity and vision.

Discovering our approach

Evovest was found on the premise to consistently add value compared to a passive investment strategy. To realize our ambition, we systematize the investment process of a fundamental portfolio manager through the combination of artificial intelligence and proprietary fundamental financial techniques.

This systematic approach has several benefits compared to the traditional offerings:

  • Mitigation of human bias
  • Low management fees
  • Complex pattern identification
  • Massive data ingestion

Understanding your investment needs

There’s no one size fits all investment strategy. In order to provide a solution that matches customer expectations, we believe in developing a personal dialogue to reach a common understanding of the needs.

This step will lead to the establishment of the investment universe of against which the proposed strategy will be benchmarked. The selection of the universe is typically made along three broad axis:

  • Asset class:

  • Geography:

  • Sector:

Starting investment planning

Our approach leverages most recent developments in machine learning to identify which assets are most likely to outperform the market. We also adopt lean practices so that the value we add is not swept away by management fees.

The following chart provides a simulation of past performance of our framework applied to the Indian market.

Onboarding process

The onboarding is about the collection and transmission of relevant documentation to ensure regulatory compliance of the investment mandate. Our practice is regulated by the Authorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF).

Ongoing investment tracking

We strongly value transparency. Although some technical aspects underlying our expertise may be challenging, we believe this shouldn’t obfuscate customers understanding of how their assets are handled.

Naturally, this involves a regular reporting, highlighting the performance of assets under management as well as the reference benchmark. Transparency is also embedded in our disclosure of the involved fees: portfolio value is traceable from funding to ongoing market positions.

We are committed to a continuous improvement philosophy. The adoption of a systematic analytic approach to the investment problem brings wide opportunities for the expansion of our differentiated portfolio management. As further innovations are brought to our models, we incorporate them into our products.

In upcoming posts we will dig further into our methodology.

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